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Who are we

Nallo Jr. Arts Academy (NJAA) is a non-profit arts education organisation where young people discover their purpose, stay out of crime, explore opportunities in arts and become kingdom advancement changemakers. We train young people to be equipped with the grace, vision, mindset and skillset that helps them realize their full potential in accordance with the will of God and be of service to humanity and their communities. 

Our Mandate 

Train young people for the advancement of God's Kingdom and community development using arts. 

Our Vision 

   Inspire and build an artistic generation of young people who seek first the presence of God and His righteousness.

Our classes are designed to bring out the full creative and expressive voice in young people. At the Nallo Jr. Arts Academy, young people choose their own artistic paths under the guidance of artist professionals and tutors. They will learn how to draw, paint, sculpt and explore other art, craft, design techniques and play musical instruments.

Nallo Jr. Arts Academy is committed to providing a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for young people to become responsible citizens and creative God-fearing leaders.

We're dedicated to nurturing and developing the divine artistic endeavours of young people through industry-standard innovative training, research, and collaboration in art, craft, and kingdom advancement principles. 

Our Partners

Together we create a community where young people can learn, play, worship, discover their purpose and achieve their full potentials. 

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