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A creative arts school where youth and artists come together to learn, create and transform their artistic talents into successful ventures. We use the transformative power of the arts to foster the growth of safe and thriving communities. 

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Our Purpose:

Transform lives for the

benefit of society.  

Our Vision:

A world where arts, culture, and tradition are embraced, celebrated, and used as powerful tools for fostering community engagement, problem-solving, and co-existence. 

 Welcome to our creative arts school, a dynamic environment where young individuals and artists come together to learn, create, and explore various artistic mediums such as music, film, painting, and dance. We encourage the commercialization of these art forms, empowering our students to transform their passions into thriving enterprises. Moreover, we believe in utilizing the transformative power of the arts to foster the growth of secure and improved communities.


31B Tengbeh Town, Freetown,

Sierra Leone


Sierra Leone: +232 73 411211

USA: +1762786526

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